"Inspiring young builders with every brick and click"


About Us

Hello!  We are Shannon and Joe and together with our son Valentino, we run Brickeology.   We are all truly passionate about LEGO®, whether it be building sets, organizing pieces, designing brand new builds, or teaching LEGO to others, we truly live the LEGO® life.   We often joke that our house is more like a LEGO® store than a house because of how much LEGO® we have.   

How We Started:

Valentino was given his first LEGO® set when he was three years old (a tiny Star Wars Millennium Falcon), and he was immediately hooked.  As his parents, we recognized right away that LEGO® wasn’t just going to be a fun toy for him, but a way for him to unlock his creativity, increase his dexterity, and provide him a way to use his critical thinking skills.  All Valentino knew, though, was that he was having fun and he was passionate about Legos.

After several family trips to LEGO® stores and discovering the world of LEGO® for ourselves, we eventually became hooked and LEGO® building became the family pastime.  Fast forward several years, a couple hundred LEGO® sets, and several thousand LEGO® pieces, the desire to share the passion for LEGO® with the world was born, and we named it Brickeology (don’t forget the E).

Our vision is to create a unique place where LEGO® lovers of all ages can come to not only shop for new and used LEGO® sets and pieces, but where we can foster a community of LEGO® enthusiasts (young and old), offer learning, and help share our love of LEGO® with the world.