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"Inspiring young builders with every brick and click"


Our Goal.

Born out of a passion for LEGO®, we are a family business dedicated to nurturing creativity and imagination in young LEGO® enthusiasts while deepening their understanding of the world we live in.   We specialize in offering thoughtfully crafted LEGO® classes, clubs, camps, birthday parties, and events.  We believe that every brick and click paves the way for boundless possibilities!
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What Parents and Kids are Saying...

You won't believe how incredible Brickeology is for all you Lego enthusiasts out there! Shannon and Joe go above and beyond to create mind-blowing LEGO® experiences for kids of every age! My boys were absolutely obsessed with the Stop Motion and Get your Brick on camps last summer! I cannot stress enough how much I recommend you check them out and support this fantastic local small business! Trust me, you won't regret it!  -John P.
Brickeology is so much fun! They hosted my son’s birthday party and everyone loved it. The activities were age-appropriate and held everyone’s interest while challenging them in a fun way. The atmosphere was lively yet organized. The kids had a wonderful time and are already asking when we can do it again!    -Sarah R.
We are so confident in what we do and optimistic about our future that we're leaving this space here for another AWESOME review!!  (we could've made up a fake one, but that's not our style 🙂   -Brickeology team

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