"Inspiring young builders with every brick and click"


Summer Camps!!

Our 2024 Summer camp schedule is here!  Click on the locations below to see the dates, times, and camp offerings.

Think outside the brick

This camp is for the creative LEGO builders who love to make their own creations or want to learn to build their own LEGO creations.  Every day will have a combination of group building games and individual building activities.  Builders will get the chance to create micro builds, animals, planes, LEGO food, and ultimately follow their own inspiration and imagination as we take ideas from the real world and turn them into LEGO builds. 

full s.t.e.a.m. ahead

This camp focuses on LEGO as the ultimate fun teaching tool.   Kids won’t even realize they’re learning while they explore science and technology with fun LEGO projects and experiments.  Forces like gravity, inertia, and friction come to life through zip lines, catapults, wind powered machines, and more. 

nothing's gonna stop (motion) us

This week we’re making Stop Motion Movies with LEGO!  Each builder will create their story, build a set, film and edit their own movie using LEGO characters and pieces.   Star Wars, Harry Potter, Minecraft, and other LEGO figures will be available for campers to tell their own unique stories.  Campers will need to bring a tablet or smartphone from home with the free version of Stop Motion Studio installed.

brick masters

The ultimate fun way to end the summer!  Based on the popular tv show all LEGO fans know and love, campers will have daily building challenges and games to compete for prizes.  Challenges include Tallest Tower, Strongest Bridge, Blind Building, See It Build It, and MUCH MORE! Will Arnett will, sadly, not be hosting.  

bricklayers workshop

This LEGO camp adventure is perfect for LEGO fans of set building and imaginative builders alike!   Set lovers will have access to a vast array of buildable LEGO sets from tons of different LEGO themes.  Our creative builders have access to thousands of LEGO pieces where they’ll be able to unleash their minds and create whatever they can imagine.